Our Store
Fairy Godmother’s Unlimited is designed to serve as a retail source for existing, and a new generation, of imagination customers.  Our focus is on blending traditional, old world feel, with contemporary art work. 

Specializing in local artists work, limited editions, classical fairytales, home décor, and one of kind custom pieces. The store showcases the beauty of the Pacific Northwest through our regional artist and artisans. Capitalizing on our unique style, atmosphere, service, and product lines we offer  a distinctive reflection of our specific tastes and values. Your one-stop-shop for the modern Fairy Godmother!

Our Legacy
Our legacy is passing on the need for combining long ago, with fairytales of today. Blending tradition, with an emphasis on mythology, classical fairytales, imagination, and beauty. The door to the imagination is unlimited…

Once Upon A Time

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Fairy Godmother's Unlimited